SAM Labs - Projects

Grades 4-12 | Technology Skills | Robots

With SAM Labs, the possibilities are endless! With hands-on play, students learn STEAM without realizing it and see how to apply what they're learning in real life.

Learn About Voting

Make a voting machine and learn about democracy. Get the whole class involved and build a machine for voting on key decisions, like what to have for lunch!

Build a Racecar

Build a racecar and learn about speed. Get the whole class together: build cars, learn about timing gates, and have fun!

Feed Your Inner Gamer with Pinball

Play ball! Pinball, that is. With this epic pinball machine, you'll get one minute to test your limits. Play with your friends to see who can score the most goals!

Secure Your Goods with a Coin Alarm

Build an alarm system with a SAM buzzer and a SAM Light Sensor to protect your pocket money from thieves!

Build a Kaleidoscope

Bored of gazing out the window? Try SAM Labs' DIY kaleidoscope!

Create a Crystal Xylophone

Familiar with Edward Kandinsky? Tap into your creative, artistic, musical and maths senses with a glass xylophone project. Using six SAM blocks, cardboard and water glasses, you're sure to put on a show in no time!

Back to School Torch

An Epic Torch that will make saying the "S" word a little less scary!

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