Connected devices & sensors are in homes, cars, & even clothes. We bring new IoT tech to your makerspace.

Grades 4-12 | Technology Skills | Robots

Your makerspace isn't complete without SAM Labs

IoT isn’t a modern typo or slang for “Information Technology”. No, IoT (or, the “Internet of Things”) is a simple description for the technology-based world we live in today. More importantly, it is the best adjective to describe the ultra-connected world our students must be able to first survive and then thrive in. Internet 2.0 is here and instead of simply sharing our information, conversations, commerce, and entertainment online, today’s Internet is the foundation for a powerful infrastructure connecting devices and people using those devices everywhere.

Phones, cars, homes, electronics, appliances, wearable medical devices, and now even our clothes are “connected”. This is not a fad but a new way of life where every product, experience, and environment we design must take into account how it will be connected. Question: Does your K12 Science classroom, makerspace, or Innovation Lab provide instruction for what is the largest cross section of technology today—IoT?

Enter SAM Labs into your makerspace. With SAM Labs, schools, teachers, and students receive a hands-on curriculum, engaging software, and project based learning resources specifically designed to prepare every student for the connected world. IoT is made simple for every classroom with SAM Labs’ classroom kits which model the type of development and interconnectivity being driven by world leading companies like Qualcomm, Apple, Intel, Samsung, Tesla, Twitter, Facebook, Ford Motor, and endless others that see IoT as our new technology foundation.

Classroom and Makerspace Kits

SAM Labs STEAM Kits provide students with "smart" building blocks and an intuitive interface to creatively connect and interact with technology. SAM Labs is real technology that gives students an environment to problem solve and truly "connect" with technology.

SAM Labs Educational Bundles include everything needed to add the possibility of a million inventions to your makerspace or classroom. Bundles include SAM Labs STEAM kits + digital curriculum + printed teacher guide.

SAM Labs STEAM Classroom Bundle (3 pack) - $1,699.00

  • (3) STEAM Kits
  • IoT Innovation Guide
  • Teacher Lesson Plans
  • SAM Labs Implementation Guide

The STEAM Class Bundle fits any elementary or middle school classroom implementation designed for a teacher introducing IoT and SAM Labs into daily or weekly instruction.

SAM Labs STEAM Classroom Bundle (5 pack) - $2,699.00

  • (5) STEAM Kits
  • IoT Innovation Guide
  • Makerspace Activity Guide
  • SAM Labs Implementation Guide
  • Teacher Lesson Plans

This bundle fits any media lab, makerspace, and innovation center with group-designed activities and resource-driven experiential learning activities.

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25+ Lesson plans available

All lesson plans and supporting materials are created for educators, by educators.

Trusted by educators

The SAM Space Education app is tailored for your education needs and is already trusted by teachers around the globe.

Simple to use

Wireless SAM blocks easily connect to the SAM Space Education app to eliminate extra setup time or fuss.

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